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    Dynamically changing a relationship?



      Dynamically changing a relationship?


      Guidance please.


      I have a database which asks questions about some pictures stored in a table I call source data, referenced by means of a relationship on the record number.

      What I would like to do is depending on a selection at startup is use one of three or four tables of pictures and questions.


      Currently the pictures and questions are in a table called source data

      I would like to select from Source data 1 or Source data 2 or Source data 3 etc.


      I think I have to modify the relationships but I am not certain where to start.


      Anybody help please.


      George Humphries Filemaker novice

      using Filemaker pro 10 adv and XP

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          You can't set up a relationship that way with filemaker and it doesn't sound like the optimum design anyway. You should be able to put all the records in a single table and then define a relationship that matches to the appropriate subset of records from this table.

          If you spell out a more detailed description of why you want separate tables, I can probably show you methods that allow you to keep it all in one table and still get the results you want.

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            I'm a volunteer at a computer training centre for the learning disabled.

            The bases are little learning and training tests, ten questions in the base, each show a picture and ask a question about it from the source data table.

            I have multiple standalone  bases currently for each category of questions ie one for people pictures and questions, one for animal pictures and questions, and one for fruit and veg.

            When my colleagues want to change the pictures and questions they just change the informattion in the source data table.

            But we are ending up with numerous versions of each base just to give us different categories of questions.

            External links are not possible as they run on standalone copies, ideally three or four sets of pictures and questions to be contained within the base selected at run time, and for the pictures and questions to be easily updated by a novice user.

            George Humphries Filemaker novice


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              I see no reason why you can't merge all those records instead of having separate database files. Import Records is the tool to use to copy all the records from one table into another once you've determined you have the right fields defined in your target table to receive the data.

              You can add additional fields to your table to label each group of records. Such a category field might store "People" for people pictures, "animal" for animal pictures and so forth--just to give you a simplified example. You might also have a field to identify the "test" to which the records belong as well.

              I'd have a table for the questions, a table for the pictures and possibly a tests table where I have one record for each test. I'd then link them via relationships--all in one file to associate the correct groups of test questions and pictures.

              You might want to consider acquiring a book on filemaker for more on how to do this and by all means keep posting your questions here.

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                Thanks for the response.

                I'm a retired engineer who mainly used access when I was working.

                I appreciate I have massive gaps in my knowledge of Filemaker.

                Which book would you recommend?

                George Humphries

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                  I can't personally recommend any of them. As a programmer that has worked with Filemaker and Access for years, I haven't needed to purchase or read one. You can certainly go to a site such as Amazon and read the reader reviews to get some idea as to which might meet your needs. (And other forum members are welcome to chime in with their own recommendations...)

                  An aside on using Access, while access does allow you to link dynamically to different tables by reconfiguring SQL expressions, I'd still use the above design approach as it is simpler system and thus much easier to maintain.