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Dynamically combining two or more tables into one

Question asked by trevorlawson on Oct 31, 2008
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Dynamically combining two or more tables into one


Is it possible to dynamically put data from fields in different tables into a single field in another table?


I have four "country" tables (for sites in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). Each of the four country tables has a field containing the site names: "Name England", "Name Northern Ireland" etc.  I want my new table, say "UK sites", to contain a field called "Name UK" which holds all the data from the "Name" fields in the other tables.  How can I achieve this?  


I had thought that in the Relationships graph I would be able to choose "Name UK" and then say "=Name England+Name Northern Ireland" etc, but there is no + symbol and it will not let me link several tables to one other.


I'm doing this because I want the "Name UK" table to be a dynamic Value List for another field called "Staff location".  I need the Value List to automatically update when a new site is added to one of the four country tables.  


Thanks a million for any advice you can offer.