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Dynamically filterign value list with calculation

Question asked by kunaaldesai on Aug 6, 2009
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Dynamically filterign value list with calculation


Well guys I have been trying to figure this out for a while. Hop eto get some help from here. basiclly I am using 3 tables


1. Student Info which has fields like Id and Points each student has.


2.inventory which has different prizes and related points.


3. Pick_ up which is basically used to give away prizes to students according to points they have earned. I mean if a student has 10 points then he/she can take away a prize which has a worth less than that.


I have  relationships like this:


1.Student-Info.ID= Pick_up.ID

2.inventory.Prize_name = Pick_Up.prize.


This way I am making sure that those students who come to pick up arein the database and I am using a drop down to show the list of the prizes available( Which is basically derived from inventory table).


So everything works fine. But now I want to add more depth to the options by restricting the drop down to only those prizes which the student deserves. I mean that I want to make sure that  if a student has 10 points then the drop down should only show those prize which are less than worth 10 points.


Now, I have been trying different  relationship combiations but no luck so far


Anybdy any comments?