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E-Mail a record

Question asked by DavidDicken on Mar 11, 2013
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E-Mail a record


       So I'm having trouble emailing a record in FMP11 Advanced (windows 7).

     I want to email only one record (the record I am currently on).

     Here's what I've tried;

     If [not IsEmpty(Vendors::Email:)]

     Send Mail [Send via e-mail Client; To: Vendors::Email:; " Freight Quotes"; Message: "Thanks in advance."]


       Show Custom Dialog ["No E-Mail Address; "You can't email this vendor because there's no email address on file."]

     End If

     All this does is create an email but doesn't attach a file. So in the"send mail options" where you find a check box to attach a file I the check the box "attach a file" and it asks for a path. So I tell it the path, and that works once. After that it keeps attaching the same file on any record I'm on. 

     I also tried to create a pdf first then email and that will attach the file to my email but then won't add the email address to the "send" address of the email.

     So once again I'm stuck. I'm sure  FMP is capable of doing both.

     I welcome any and all help on this matter.

     Once again Thanks in advance,