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    E-Mail a record



      E-Mail a record


             So I'm having trouble emailing a record in FMP11 Advanced (windows 7).

           I want to email only one record (the record I am currently on).

           Here's what I've tried;

           If [not IsEmpty(Vendors::Email:)]

           Send Mail [Send via e-mail Client; To: Vendors::Email:; " Freight Quotes"; Message: "Thanks in advance."]


             Show Custom Dialog ["No E-Mail Address; "You can't email this vendor because there's no email address on file."]

           End If

           All this does is create an email but doesn't attach a file. So in the"send mail options" where you find a check box to attach a file I the check the box "attach a file" and it asks for a path. So I tell it the path, and that works once. After that it keeps attaching the same file on any record I'm on. 

           I also tried to create a pdf first then email and that will attach the file to my email but then won't add the email address to the "send" address of the email.

           So once again I'm stuck. I'm sure  FMP is capable of doing both.

           I welcome any and all help on this matter.

           Once again Thanks in advance,


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               What file are you trying to attach?

               It's unlikely that attaching a file will send only a single record, it would send your entire database file unless you first did something to produce a file that contained that one single record.

               But you might:

               Use Save As PDF to send a specific report from a specific layout--perhaps based on a single record

               Export the data from a single record to a FileMaker, text, excel or other file format.

               Save as Snap Shot Link--this saves a "pointer" to the record so if the other user has access to your database, they can open the snap shot link to access the file.

               By using a $Path variable, you can first compute the name and location of the file you want to produce by saving or exporting and then you can specify the same $Path as the attachment for your email.

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                 I am trying to email a PDF copy of a record created in my "freight Quote" layout to my vendor for a quote on hauling freight from point A to point B. My bad for calling it a "file"  I meant record. sorry. Happy to send you a copy of my file should you like its small 1.08mb.

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                   Actually you mean "File", not "Record". wink

                   Shouldn't need to send the file.

                   Let's say you use Save As PDF to generate the Freight Quote as described in this link: Found Sets to PDF with unique file names

                   And in that part of your script, you used $Path to specify the file path where the PDF was saved.

                   Then you can add the send mail script step to your script.

                   Open the Send Mail dialog for this script, click the attach file check box and enter this exact text:


                   as the file to attach.

                   Your email will now have attached the PDF file.