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E-mail error in FM 13 - was okay in FM12

Question asked by HugoLidia on Oct 2, 2014
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E-mail error in FM 13 - was okay in FM12


Environment : Windows 8.1, LAN - 3 Users. FM Pro Adv 13

On the client record we have a button to send an e-mail to the current records "e-mail1" address


New Window[Style:Floating Document]

Send Email[Send via E-mail Client;to:clients::email1]

Close Window[Current Window]


In FM 12 Pro Adv this script opened a new window, using the email client ( in this case MS OFFICE 2013) allowed the User to do an e-mail as usual and then closes the window once the e-mail is sent.

In FM Pro Adv 13, the same script generates an error, "Server Busy" with options to "Switch to..." or "Try again", neither of which do anything and as the error is in a loop the only way is to forcible close the active windows ( Filemaker and the e-mail client) using Task Manager to kill the process.

Does the basic script need to be amended to be able to run in FM 13, is this a known bug in FM13 ?

Using FM12 the script runs on the same machine, no problems.