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      I am trying to put a button to send an e-mail the layout that I have after a search.  The layout includes a portal that gets the data from another database.  There is also a text so only the information on portal changes when I send the e-mail.  So basically I just want to send the e-mail just how the layout looks like. 

      I also have a container field on the same portal which contains a PDF file for each different record in the portal.  Is there a way to attach all of those different PDF files to the e-mail?

      Thank you in advance.

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          With just FileMaker, you can only send plain text emails. You cannot email a report based on a layout and see that in the body of the email, but you can save it as a PDF and attach the PDF. Several third party developers offer Email plug ins with more options you might want to investigate.

          FileMaker Send Mail is limited to one attachment, but when you use a script to save as PDF, you have an option to append the PDF to an existing PDF file. Thus, it might be possible for you to use a script that generates a single PDF file that merges all of these and then you have a single PDF file to attach. If not, then once again, you'll need to check out the plug ins to see what they offer.

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            How can I write the script for generating a single PDF from different container fields containing different PDFs?

            As for sending the e-mail, I will look at the plug ins.

            Thanks alot!

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              It may not be possible to do so. It depends on the PDF's. IF the PDF's are files originally saved from FileMaker, simply repeat the process that created them in the first place, but merging each in turn into the same PDF. If the PDF's are one page PDF's, you might be able to devise a layout where either a container field (mac only) or a Web Viewer displays that one page for each PDF and then you can save as PDF from it. Otherwise, you can't do this and you are again researching Email Plug Ins to see if they offer an alternative approach.

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                Okay.  Thanks alot again!