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e-mail not attaching file

Question asked by jond on Apr 30, 2013
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e-mail not attaching file


     Have a pdf file inserted into a container field (Projects:Summary) that I need to send as an e-mail attachment..

     Container field is set to interactive content and to save the file externally in open format (not secured)

     In a script:

     created a variable $Summary

     Set Variable [$Summary; GetValue ( GetAsText ( Projects::Summary ) ; 2 )]

     Set Variable $Summary2 to the desktop folder location plus $Summary without the leading pdf :

     in the send e-mail options checked the attach file and specified $Summary2 as the file path.

     e-mail is sent via client Outlook 2010 via exchange server but does not contain the attachment?

     To test the link I included $Summary2 in the body of the e-mail and it is correct as a copy paste of the link into explorer opens the pdf file.

     Using FMPro ADV 12.04 on Win 7 64 bit

     Any ideas that can help attach the pdf file would be greatly appreciated.