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    e-mail or iCal notifications



      e-mail or iCal notifications


      We are using FMP 6v1 (Mac 10.5.8) and have databases with several different agents. What I would like to do is set up an automatic e-mail or iCal reminder 6 months from the time it was input to go to the agent's e-mail or iCal alarm. (i.e.) If I type a contract DB and the Agent's field is agent x, 6 month from now it will email agent x with a reminder noting thats when it was input. The same goes with agent y. Is this possible or is it available in a later version?

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          It's definately possible with FMP 10. You can probably do it with FMP 6, but you'll have to research the documentation on how to use FMP 6 to send email. It has the capability, since I can find it in FMP 5.5 (I don't have FMP 6).


          Here's a basic outline that'd work in FMP 5.5 and FMP 10 (Thus, presumably it'll work in FMP 6)


          Define a calculation field cDate6Mos as


          Date ( Month(yourdatefield) + 6 , Day (yourdatefield), Year (yourdatefield) )


          Define a date field ReminderEmailed


          #Exact script steps will vary depending on whether you use FMP 6 or 10:

          Set the following script to run each time the file is opened:

          Find all records where cDate6mos is < the current date and ReminderEmailed is blank

          If any records are found, loop through them sending the email and using Set Field to log the current date in ReminderEmailed.