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E-mail single PDF page to recipient concerned

Question asked by otto_m on Apr 13, 2015
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E-mail single PDF page to recipient concerned



I cannot figure out how to solve this problem:

I have a database to assign approx. 180 different courses to some 30 lecturers in a variety of departments.

The database consists of three tables - COURSE, LECTURER and DEPARTMENTCOURSE and LECTURER share the key LECT (unique four-letter ID of each lecturer), DEPARTMENT and COURSE share the key DEPT (unique three-letter ID of each dept.)

Each term I repeat the same tedious procedure: saving the assignments for each lecturer to a PDF file, then mailing the PDF individually to each lecturer.

The pdf is generated in FileMaker' print view consisting of the following parts:

• Header: "Teaching assignments for <<TERM>> <<YEAR>>"

• Sub-summary when sorted by LECT - contains the lecturer's full name etc. from LECTURER table

• Body - contains details from COURSE table, such as number of hours, scheduled weekday etc.

• Another sub-summary when sorted by LECT - total number of hours and page break after each 1 occurrence

I have been able to put together a script so I get a nice one-page PDF for each lecturer.

My question now:

Is it possible to create a script that sends only the page in question to the lecturer concerned?

If yes, what do I have to do?

Thank you very much in advance,