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    E-mailing forms



      E-mailing forms


      I would like to be able to e-mail a form as an attachment, but the Filemaker "Help" page on the subject only seems to tell me how to e-mail a complete file.

      Can anyone tell me how to e-mail a form, each individually addressed, to multiple record "names", - (the form is a reminder for subscriptions for a charity) ?  I have no problem about creating the individually addressed form itself.


      Many thanks in advance,


      Monsieur Bouchon



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          My apologies, I have just seen the post about what I should include in a query, so I hope the following will supplement my previous message.


          Filemaker version - 10.0v3

          Operating system - windows 7

          Experience with Filemaker Pro - slightly better than a beginner, but not much ! 

          Other database experience - Paradox - medium.  Access - low.

          Database on Network - no.


          Monsieur Bouchon

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            If the form you are attempting to email is generated in your database, you cannot attach it to an email as an inline layout without using an email plugin. You can only send text email using Filemaker's send mail function. You could save your layout as a pdf file and attach it to an individual's email, however, you would need to do that for each email separately using a loop.