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    E-Mailing Problem



      E-Mailing Problem


       Hi - Recently a new script was set up for me in Filemaker.  When the script runs, it is supposed to automatically open Lotus Notes and populate the BCC field with a list of emails.  The script works except that the emails addresses to not populate.  I do not know if the problem is with Filemaker, my operating system (Windows XP) or possibly Lotus Notes.  My associates computer, using Windows 7, the script works for her........however, my other associate, also on Windows 7, the script does not work.  Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.  -Nancy

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          It would help if we could see the script that you created. A description of the tables, fields and relationships used would also be helpful. Another thing to check is whether Lotus Notes is specified as the default email client on each machine or not.

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