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Easier way to customize list views?

Question asked by LeeMoreau on Jun 1, 2015


Easier way to customize list views?


Hey everyone, quick question.  Coming from salesforce, my users can go under opportunities for example and have it list all their active ones.  They can then edit the columns that are shown, and like almost all other programs, click between 2 columns and drag to resize the width of it which saves it for them and so on.

FileMaker is great but that's the only area we have issues in, is that I seem to always have to make every list view manually myself, picking the fields I think users want, and trying to make the sizes properly and so on.  Users are asking me often how to add a column or remove ones which they can't do of course.

Are there any plugins or what do people do to better handle list views?  It's not the end of the world, but when using WebDirect users are just accustomed to being able to resize their columns.  Thanks!