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    Easiest way to update my database and my cloned database??



      Easiest way to update my database and my cloned database??


      I have a database I created to track my inventories, and other things.

      I saved as a shell and sent it to a co-worker so that they could track their info as well.

      We are not on a network.  If I make changes to a form, what is the easiest way to make those same changes to his form as well.

      Would I just physically go into his and make those changes.  Is there a way just to export that form/script and overwrite his?  create a new shell and have him export records into it?  Right now (for this instance) it would be simply for me to just make the changes in his..but now another co-worked wants to use this as well and if I make a ton of changes, how do I pass those on without doing the work 3 times?

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          There are two methods that can make this workable and you will need both.


          One is to create a script that imports all records from all tables of the old file into corresponding tables of the new file. Any auto-entere serial number fields would also have their "next value" settings updated in the same script so that a new record in the new copy of the file does not create a record with a serial number that matches a value in an imported record.

          Optional: (But can save you a lot of time and effort deploying new updates)

          The second method is to split your file into two parts on part is an interface file with all your layouts, scripts, value lists, etc. The other, the data file, has all your database tables. This is called the data separation model and when you split your file like this, you can deploy new copies of the interface file and not need to import any data, you just replace the old copy of the file with the new. This reduces the first method to being used only when changes have been made to the data file.

          See this thread for more details:  Convert to Seperation Model