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Easy 1:m relationship adding/editing/deletion?

Question asked by mercator on Mar 14, 2013
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Easy 1:m relationship adding/editing/deletion?



     I have the following challenge and was wondering if someone can help:

     I have a table

     Item(Item ID, short name, description, literature reference)

     which I fill with information. No problem doing that. Afterwards, I would like to populate the following table

     Relationship(Relationship ID, Item 1, Item 2,  description, literature reference)

     by first selecting an item from the first table, which will then become the value of Item 1.

     Subsequently, I would like to see ALL entries of table Item, checkbox the ones I would like to add to the Relationship table plus a description and literature reference per checkbox item. Those should then populate the Relationship table.

     To illistrate, it should look like the follwing

     Relationship 1, ITEM 2

        CHECKED Item 1, Comment XYZ,

        NOT CHECKED Item 2

        CHECKED   Item 3, Comment XYZ,

        NOT CHECKED Item 4

        NOT CHECKED Item 5

        CHECKED   Item 6, Comment 123,

     Of course, when I do the checkboxing, I'd like to see the short name of the items, not the IDs, so it is easier to select. Note as well that I expect to have 500 or so entries in the Item list.

     Needless to say that I would love to be able to edit the Relationship table in a similar manner (with checkboxes at any time, adding and removing items).

     Can this be done and how? Any example is well appreciated.