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Easy Concept of using FMK 11

Question asked by gldiaz on Mar 4, 2011
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Easy Concept of using FMK 11


I'm  still new to FMK Pro 11, and I thought a general question would help me further my understanding on how to effectively use FMK pro 11.

Would this be a fair way of looking at using FMK Pro11.,

After writting down and  considering what I want to be on my reports and charts make, i need:

 Since I work with Schools, students, staff, parents and vendors, I've chosen to create a Excel Table for each:
like a table named- Schools. The table gets the school location information.
The student information get a student table with its fields and the same for the parents, staff and vendors, and
I need to track the student's performance in school.

Should I then make the excel tables, import them in to FMK and create tables for each and the create relationships or should I just make layouts and then relationships. (I'm confused). Is there a generalized, birds eye view of what might be "Routinely" considered when making a novice data base?  I just need a general concept on what might be a good way of creating a relational data base using varied tables.

Therefore, I make the  "Tables in excel." 
I next: "import the tables" headers into FMK. 
I create "layouts" using the field names
I then make relationships.
I make needed scripts and portals
I finally make my reports and or charts

Would this be a general birds eye view of making an application ( no matter what the general need is)?
What do you think