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    Easy Concept of using FMK 11



      Easy Concept of using FMK 11


      I'm  still new to FMK Pro 11, and I thought a general question would help me further my understanding on how to effectively use FMK pro 11.

      Would this be a fair way of looking at using FMK Pro11.,

      After writting down and  considering what I want to be on my reports and charts make, i need:

       Since I work with Schools, students, staff, parents and vendors, I've chosen to create a Excel Table for each:
      like a table named- Schools. The table gets the school location information.
      The student information get a student table with its fields and the same for the parents, staff and vendors, and
      I need to track the student's performance in school.

      Should I then make the excel tables, import them in to FMK and create tables for each and the create relationships or should I just make layouts and then relationships. (I'm confused). Is there a generalized, birds eye view of what might be "Routinely" considered when making a novice data base?  I just need a general concept on what might be a good way of creating a relational data base using varied tables.

      Therefore, I make the  "Tables in excel." 
      I next: "import the tables" headers into FMK. 
      I create "layouts" using the field names
      I then make relationships.
      I make needed scripts and portals
      I finally make my reports and or charts

      Would this be a general birds eye view of making an application ( no matter what the general need is)?
      What do you think









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          I tend to skip the 'make in Excel' bit, unless I'm dealing with people who are so used to thinking in Excel that they can't think any other way (AKA: 'Accountants'.)  Even then, I let them show me what they want in Excel and then create straight into FM.  I only use the Excel-FM conversion tool whenever the table already exists in Excel.  And even then only 'sometimes'.

          I draw out the tables I need, thinking of the smallest level I would ever want to report on, or sort by, or search for.

          The relationships that will be necessary come next.

          Then the layouts.

          Then the scripts.

          Then I start at the top of that list again.

          The important one is the decision on the lowest form of life that will inhabit a table.  Make it too low, and I give myself more trouble than I need (although Real Life says this has never actually happened).  Make it too high and I have to re-write a whole structural part of the file.  (Customers' promises on their Mother's life have sometimes made me bitterly regret taking their assurances as fact.)

          Layouts, relationships, and scripts can all be added on the fly if I've got the Table structure correct from the start

          That's my two-cents worth

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            Nice,... Thanks  so much.T

            The pieces of the puzzle for me are alot clearer and more reassuring, knowing
            how others are using the many aspects of FMK.

            Thanks so much,GD