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    Easy edit of WV.swf file?



      Easy edit of WV.swf file?


      Hi. I have gotten some good results using the WV.html and WV.swf files for generating charts within FMPro10. However, it seems there is inconsistency in fonts, sizes, styles, etc. from one chart type to another. So...


      Is there a fairly simple way to adjust some of these parameters? I have investigated SWF editors, which are a bit overwhelming. I am looking just to make a few "tweaks" so that all is consistent in my final solution. Thoughts?


      Thank you,

      David Wright 

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             I dont even know if you should be doing that as that could be considered reverse engineering. We dont have access to the orig fla files. Perhaps FMI would share them one day.
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            Hmm. Thanks, I hadn't even thought of that. However, after some investigating it seems that neither of those WV files (which are companion files to the freely-downloadable Web Viewer Charting sample database) appears to include any disclaimer or restriction of any kind, nor copyright notice, etc. I can find no specific mention, though, as to whether they are considered proprietary or open source.


            Can anyone suggest how to get a definitive answer on this? Is it not allowable to edit SWF files directly? I'm afraid that is an area I know very little about.


            Thank you.


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              Follow-up, in case others are interested:

              Spoke with FM customer service. Long call, mostly on hold while Greg went to get clarification twice. Response: Yes, registered users are "absolutely" permitted to modify the WV files. But I am thinking now that it may be possible to do what I need within the WV calculation itself instead. Will investigate more.

              But at least my main question has been answered. 

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                   Well that is good. Usually modification are made to the flash files not the shockwave result after compilation. For example, its like editing an exported jpg verses the orig Photoshop PSD.
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                  Yes, so I am learning.

                  All I mainly wanted to do was control font size and style for various text elements on the chart. Unfortunately, the SWF file appears to have the styles pre-set for title, x-axis, y-axis, labels, etc. And the font face and size set in the calculation apply to all.

                  I thought using a SWF-direct editor would be straightforward, but... Oh, well.


                  Correction to my earlier post: Later I went back and did see a copyright notice by Adobe a little farther down in the WV.html code. Don't know how that correlates with FM's guidance. 

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                       Like I said earlier, perhaps FMI can furnish the .fla files to the community. :-p