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    Easy question - Summary IF.....



      Easy question - Summary IF.....


           Dear Guys!

           I need some help, unfirtunately im almost completely new to FM and programming, but this is very interesting for me.

           I want to create a field which will summarize a record specific field if another field in this record is set to A.....example:

           record 1.     field1= A,  field2= 100

           record 2.    field1=  A,  field2= 500

           record 3.   field1= B,  field2= 300

      And my field value is = (field 3= ) 600 

           so how can i achieve this? what i did:

           Field 1 = is a text field with popup, has two values (yes, no)

           Field 2 = is a simple number type field
           Field 3 is a calculation field = If ( Field 1= "Yes" ; Sum ( Field2 )
           Question is how to set Field 3 to get a summarized value in Field2 if  field 1 yes.
           I think this should be very easy for you, please help me out :D