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easy question i'm sure...

Question asked by robertjordan on Oct 15, 2014
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easy question i'm sure...


I am new to FileMaker and I'm sure this is an easy question,

I have 7 fields, TransferedDays, sickT, sickE, LapseE, PersonalT, Absent and Jury.

I have a Balance field, I want to take the number in the TransferedDays field and have it add to the Balance Field when there is something in the TransferedDays Field, otherwise move on.

Then I want to take any number entered into the remaining six fields ( some fields might not be entered into) and subtract that from the balance if there is something entered into them.

So my balance field keeps a running total each time data is entered, I have a button with a script to create a record on another table and show every entry in a portal as well, that works great! 

Be nice if i could hit the button to enter the record and clear the above fields in the same process, not sure if that's possible.

I'm sure it is easy, but i can wrap my head around what to do! any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!