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Easy search in related table

Question asked by CharlesBash on Apr 20, 2014
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Easy search in related table


     As a new FileMaker user, I'm not even sure how to state the question correctly.  I want to insert a record key in a join table.  Rather than pop over to the other table, do a full lookup, write the record key down, I'd like to "auto browse".

     In other DB tools I have used, it was possible to create a field into which you could type that record key, but next to the field would be a simple down arrow which would expand to a browse window which would include the important data to allow you to find the correct matching record.  These would allow you to scroll down, or even key the opening letters of the search which would skip forward.

     In my case, I'm looking up music, so the browse window needs to show the title, the composer and the arranger (because our library includes several duplicate appearing (by title) versions of the same music.

     Is this form of "field" available in layouts, and if so, what is it called?  If not, I'm assuming looking at what I've seen that a new window could be opened in a script that would exit by returning the appropriate into the correct field in a portal row.  Does an example of that sort of query exist in the Knowledge base that I could build on it.

     I have attached a picture that could demonstrate what I am asking about.