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Easy way to import NON-EXISTING records ONLY into FileMaker

Question asked by 卯侍藍凰舎 on Sep 22, 2013
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Easy way to import NON-EXISTING records ONLY into FileMaker


Tried to find this various ways, from internal/external FMPro help files, to the KnowledgeBase and the forums here, but it's either not present, or I didn't use the right terms.

     Current setup is that I am taking records from a huge (nearly half a million records) database from work, with the equivalent of a dozen "tables."

     At the moment I have just over 10,000 records at home in FileMaker, but I need to only update my home database, not replace all the records.  Several of the fields have been modified to deal with my personal needs (the reason why I cannot do this at work... I am not allowed to change anything there... even if the information is erroneous),  Since there is no easy way for me to tell which records in the work database do not match my home version, I cannot pre-filter the results.

     Any attempt to use the 3 basic import functions will result in destroying a large amount of corrections I have made to fields and dates, or possibly ending up with hundreds of semi-duplicated records.

     What I wish to do is have all the records from work in a text file (which is easy), but only import records that do not have a matching serial number already present in the relevant FileMaker table.

     s there a simple way to do this?  (I'd prefer something that doesn't have me modifying the structure of tables, or running long scripts, as my home file is already horrendously complex and must be duplicated at every change, just because of the hazard of messing something up unintentionally, that might not be noticed for months.

     I can actually do this using a few methods, but I am looking for a quick and simple method that will avoid errors, accidentally deleting records that are important, or leaving a mess of additional records that do not belong.  The "quick" bit is important as I may end up having to do this every week from now on.