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Easy-answer question from someone new to FM from MS Access...

Question asked by RichardTaylor on May 14, 2011
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Easy-answer question from someone new to FM from MS Access...


Greetings All!

Just switched my small business to Mac platform and FM Pro, and I am re-creating/improving my DB from MS Access. Very pleased with FM, but I seem to have a gap in my FM knowledge that is pretty elementary. I am convinced that I have have spent so much time analyzing this that the answer is most likely obvious and I have overlooked it. The facts...

1. DB's main table has a "Gender" field w/ value list having two choices: "Male" and "Female". This way of recording gender works for every layout need I have, except for one. I would rather not change this, if possible.

2. A US government-issued form (read: not customizable, but I have reproduced it as a layout in FM) I regularly print and fax that records gender as a checkbox for male and checkbox for female. I use merge fields to populate the form, as it is output only.

Is there a way for FM to take the values "Male" and "Female" recorded in the table and translate them into an "x" by either "Male" or "Female" on the form layout?

I have considered adding separate fields "Male" and "Female" to the table specifically for this form, but I would rather not duplicate effort. Also, MS Access has a checkbox field type which would work for the added-fields approach, but I do not seem to find this option in FM.

Feel free to have a chuckle at my expense for asking such a basic question. Thanks in advance for considering this!