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    Ecwid and filemaker



      Ecwid and filemaker


      Hi group

      I am just looking into using Ecwid for e-comerce within my own website and I see i should be able to import and export data as csv files so that I can sychronise my stock levels etc..

      Has anyone done anything like this? is there any tips or advice in doing this?
      I assume there will be a way to sychronise csv data from a html website by clicking a button in filemaker?

      Regards Fluffy.

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          What version of FileMaker do you have? FileMaker 12 added a function that, if I understand correctly how it is used, is designed specifically for the purpose of downloading data from a web site.

          And importing CSV data is usually a very straight forward operation in FileMaker, you may want to investigate "recurring imports" if you want to put your CSV file in the same folder each time and have FileMaker automatically replace all data in a specified table with the data from this file each time a new copy is placed in the folder.

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            Hi phil

            Thanks for your reply, i haver version 10 and 11 pro. 

            regards Fluffy