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Edit Box With Auto-Suggest Functionality (Like Google).

Question asked by J.S._1 on Jan 30, 2013
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Edit Box With Auto-Suggest Functionality (Like Google).


     I have a table called Accounts that holds company names and addresses, a table called Contacts that holds names and contact information for people at the companies listed in accounts, and a table called Create Proposal that is pretty self-explanitory.

     What I would like to do is this...

     On the layout for my 'Create Proposals' table I have fields called Customer_Name, Customer_Address_1, Customer_Address_2, Customer_City, Customer_State, Customer_Zip, Contact_Name, Contact_Phone, and Contact_Email. When a user begins to type in the Customer_Name edit box, I would like suggestions based on the field Company_Name in the 'Accounts' table and the field Contact_Name in the 'Contacts' table to pop up. If there is a company called XYZ Company in Accounts and there are two contacts (John Doe and John Smith) assoicated with that company in Contacts, I would like the pop up to suggest something like, "XYZ Company - John Doe," and "XYZ Company - John Smith". When a user selects one of these records I want the initially-mentioend fields to populate.

     Possible? If so, what's the most efficient route to achieving the goal?