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    Edit file from open storage



      Edit file from open storage


           Hello! I'm newbie in FM, that's why my question may sound silly , but still.

           I have a database (catalog of photos), photos inserted (not reference) in container field. I've set the  container to store data externally. And that's ok. But if  I edit photo and save it via Photoshop, FM  says that file is tampered, and it couldn't make preview in database.

           So is it an opportunity to edit files from open storage, so FM can still make preview of them?

           or my only way is to use references?


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               What is your OS platform and FMP version?

               FMP Container are just that!  Contain thingscool.  Editing a referenced file, changed it on the "open storge".  

               Which version should FMP store for you?indecision



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                 Use Export Field Contents to export a copy of the file. Edit the copy in PhotoShop, then re-insert the edited copy into your container field.

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                   I'm using FM 12 advanced , OS - windows 7. What does it mean "changed it on the "open storge"."?

                   I've read somewhere that FM doesn't transfer reference files to open storage, only embeded.
                   so as I understand files in open storage are not editable as they still have a connection to FM, that brokes when i try to edit them?
                   Am I wrong?

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                     Only embedded files are transferred to the external storage folder. You should export a copy, edit it then re-insert it. SInce you have modified the copy in the external storage folder, you may need to drag a copy out of the folder so that you can re-insert it into the container field.

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                       Thank you, PhilModJunk.  Could you answer one more question? When I drag file from Explorer and drop it in container, this file becomes embeded? If there an opportunity that drag and drop function adds reference file and not embeded.

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                         Drag and drop embeds the file. It is exactly as though you selected Insert Picture and did not check the "store a reference" option.

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                           I understand that. But I' m asking if drag and drop could references file and not embeds it? is it possible?

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                             To repeat: Drag and drop embeds the file No. it cannot enter a reference to the file.

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                               thanks a lot!smiley

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                             What does it mean "changed it on the "open storge"."?

                            When you change a external referenced file, by another Application in "open storage", you BREAK the exteranal reference.  You must then Re-Insert, as Phil points out,  the new version in your Container to re-establish a good file path connection.



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                                   Our OP is using Filemaker 12 with open EXTERNAL storage (as opposed to secure external storage) specified for the container field. Apparently, the powers that be, decided it was a good security measure to detect when an externally stored file was modified since its original insertion and then this new "tampered" message pops up to warn the user.

                                   The way to avoid this is to export the field, edit and re-insert. This is only an issue with containers that use the external storage option.

                                   If we were dealing with inserted files that were inserted with the "store a reference" option, you can open the file in an image editor, edit the file, save the changes and FileMaker is able to display the updated image without any trouble so long as the name and location of the file remain unchanged.

                                   One way to manage this is to use a script with Export Field Contents and the Open file on export option to open the file in the OS's default application for the file's file type. The user then uses that app to edit the file and save changes without specifying a new name or location. Then a second script can be performed by a button click to re-insert that exported file back into the container field in order to save the changes made to the file.

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                                     @Phil  Since the main driver for me to get fmp12 was the New External Storage Option which had to be treated some what like an External FMP File.  I had never even considered allowing another application to change an external referenced file or tested that possiblility.  surprise

                                     On previous versions, FMP Server couldn't retrieve those external references for Clients and thus had to be embedded, which forced a external copy for each client, and now is obvious that it could have been changed.

                                     Now with FMP12 the Server can serve up the non-embedded file, therefore you don't want Client's changing a common file [what you meant by security].

                                     Good discussion.yes