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Edit find request with a date calculation

Question asked by SteveMartino on Jun 23, 2013
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Edit find request with a date calculation


     Hi Forum.  Had a question about editing a find request (please see screenshot).

     What I have is a script that generates a report based on customers who havent had an annual service on the hvac equipment in over a year, and it works fine..shows records of those who have, the with 'Show Omitted Only' produces the result.   I just have to enter an updated date everytime I want to run the report.

     What I was trying to do was to edit this "edit find request so it will always take the date the report is run, and subtract 1 year off of it to search the database for people who have had their equipment serviced, then, with 'Show Omitted Only" produce the same result. 

     I've tried several ways with the 'Insert Operator' but they dont work for me.  I think I'm just not entering the criteria properly.

     Any thoughts/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.