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    Edit Privilege Set - Other Privileges - Allow Printing



      Edit Privilege Set - Other Privileges - Allow Printing & Keep Found Set Limit



      I have successfully limited my group access and only specific records show for each group.  I've created a New Privilege Set for each group and run a script under File Options.  

      Under File, Manage, Security, Edit Privilege Set, Other Privileges, I have checked the "Allow Printing".  Further down, under "Available menu commands" I have selected Minimum.  Any other selection in Available menu commands allows groups to see "Show All" records and I lose my initial limited Found Set.

      How does my check in Allow Printing work?  I need my users to be able to create reports as they are needed.

      I'm on FileMaker Pro 11.03.

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               Allow Printing does exactly that. It permits users to print using Print in the File Dialog, a script with the "print step" or the keyboard shortcut for the "Print" menu option.

               But using Minimum in the available menu commands drop down removes the Print option from the File menu and this also disables the keyboard shortcut for it as well as any button for it in the Status Tool Bar.

               There are two ways around this:

          1.           Add button to your layouts for printing.
          3.           If you have FileMaker Advanced, use a different option than "Minimum" but install a custom menu to control the "show all records" issue. You can either remove that option or have Show All Records (And Show Omitted Only) perform scripts of your own design that show all permitted records (or all omitted, but permitted records...).