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Edit Record Layout

Question asked by BatchMaker on Jul 28, 2009
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Edit Record Layout


What I am looking for is record edit functionality where you have an edit layout, you can make MULTIPLE changes to the record, and then decide to either save or cancel those MULTIPLE changes.


I have a record detail layout, where all the field behaviors are set to 'not allow field to be entered'. There is a button to change to an edit layout (a duplicate layout except that field behaviors set to 'allow field to be entered'). On this layout, I have unchecked 'save record changes automatically'. This allows the record to be reverted, but you are prompted to 'save changes to this record?' every time you click outside of a field. 


What I'd like is when you hit the done button (change layout back to record detail), the user is asked once whether or not to save.


An idea I had was to 'set error capture' and pause the script upon entering the edit layout, but if enter is pressed, the script continues. Or maybe a dummy field as big as the entire layout, and arranged to the back, so you can't not be in a field.


Is there a less cobbled work around out there?