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Edit Table from External Data Source

Question asked by BobO'Neal on May 1, 2012
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Edit Table from External Data Source


 I am trying to use a table of addresses in one FM file (A) in a second FM file (B) so I will only have one table to keep updated.

I inserted a popup menu using the values from the field in file A and I can select the address from that Table in File B ok. I also added the table from file A in the Relationships & can display other fields from that selected address.

I also want to be able to edit the Table from both file A & file B. So I need to display all of file A addresses in table form in file B for editing while in File B.

I have not figured out how to display tis table except as a popup or drop down list.

Is there a way to show the External Data Source as a table in the file B?