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    Edit table view layout in 13



      Edit table view layout in 13


           Downloaded 13 for my Mac.

           If I create a table view layout I can't edit it, only modify is available.

           I want to be able to add buttons to the fields so that when I click on one field it runs a script.  I have full privilege access.


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               You can't show buttons in the body of a Table View. This has always been the case. You have two options:

               1) Enter layout mode and add the fields you want to the body of the layout. It doesn't matter what size the fields are or where you put them if you are only going to use this layout in table view. Set "onObjectEnter" script triggers on the fields where you want to perform a script when the user clicks the field.

               2) Don't use Table View. Use List View. In list view, you can have as many buttons or other layout objects as you want in the body of the layout. But to get the table like arrangement of rows and columns requires some work as you need to set up the row of fields in layout mode and size the body of the layout to be no taller than this single row of fields.

               On the other hand, if you just want some buttons in either the header or footer of your table view, you can open layout setup and select options on the view tab to show the header and/or footer with any buttons or other layout objects that you have placed on it.

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                 Thanks for the reply.  In table view layout I want to scroll over the fields, have the cursor change to a hand, and when I click the field It runs a script to go to another layout. I used to do it in 12 but in 13 the option to edit table view layout has gone.

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                   I just checked this in Windows 7, FileMaker 12 and it is not possible in Table View.  I opened a file in FileMaker 12, selected a field on the layout and used button setup to turn it into a button. In List or Form view the cursor turns into a hand and I can click the field and get the button's specified action. In table view, the mouse cursor does not turn into a hand and clicking the field just puts the cursor into the field for editing.

                   Since it is possible to produce a table like view of your data in List view, perhaps you used List view to set this up in the past?