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Edit Value LIst (Using Value LIst from another file)

Question asked by MacMonkey on Jun 11, 2010
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Edit Value LIst (Using Value LIst from another file)



I am new to FMP11 and I am trying to crosswalk my MS Access knowledge over to FMP version 11.  I am trying to put together a simple drop down for a group called Family.  I created a table with all the Family names listed.  I opened my "Collection" table and sought to define a drop down using the value list route.


I am able to map to the file that I want to open, but I do not get a "value list" in the define menu.  I get a shadow below the Value List.  It looks like it is trying to make a read connection, but fails to bring back any information from the table.  I have checked to make sure the data types are the same.  They are text fields. 


Any advice?