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Editable Form Letters

Question asked by Annette on Dec 27, 2013
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Editable Form Letters



     I have letters on my database which for the most part are standard and the same text but occasionally I have to change the text on a particular one and don't want to have to recreate the form.  So I was trying to do something with the letters being on tables and using lookups.  I have the following tables/Fields...

     Clients: ClientID, amongst a bunch of others, name, address,etc.

     Letters:  LetterID, LetterTitle, LetterText

     Client_Letters:  ClientID, LetterTitle, LetterText, LetterID

     The Clients table and Client_Letters table are related by the ClientID.  The Letters table and Client_Letters table are related by LetterID.  On the Client_Letters table the field LetterText is a lookup field.  So when they select the letter title it fills this in.  I've got those basic parts working well.  

     What I'm not sure how to get working is (because the couple of ways I have tried are unsuccessful) is: If i'm on a layout based on the Clients table, and press a button bringing me to the layout based on Client_Letters and choose the letter I want, how do I get the merge fields to work.  The body is set up with various merge fields from the Clients table.  It shows the merge fields in the body but it doesn't actually perform the merge when I preview it.  

     Obviously I've missed a step but I'm not sure what.