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EditBox Field Values

Question asked by abunce515 on Jun 23, 2014
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EditBox Field Values


     The layout shown is not editable in browse mode - So I have made all the fields text boxes instead pf popups or lists.  The information in the text boxes is mostly done from value lists associated with other tables.  

     Some of them show the primary key and others show the actual value

     For instance - When I populate area in the edit layout, the pop up menu populates the primarykey for the desired value in the field but shows the info from the "MLSArea" record associated with the primary key.  Its populating "mlsare000001" but the pop up menu says "Grimes".

     Then when I look at it in the uneditable layout, it says Grimes!  Success

     but other fields are not cooperating.  For instance - when I populate Driveway type in the same method on the editing layout, it shows everything just like i want it to - but then when I return to the non editable layout it shows the primary key "drityp000001" instead of "Concrete"

     what am i doing wrong?


     ***Edit - This is what appears to have happened - Orriginally these were all pop up menus - some of them were set up to look for the field value "Grimes" instead of the Primary Key - when I switched them all to Edit Boxes I also fixed that mistake on my Edit layout.  The ones that were originally set like that stuck, but then if i now change them... it shows the primary Key.  

     Is the best way to get these to show the values i am wanting (Grimes rather than the primary key) to change them all to popups and make them not editable in browse mode?  If that is the case is there a way for me to get rid of the arrow that eludes to a pop up edit?