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Editing a Report Form/Layout, How?

Question asked by tecknomage on Sep 4, 2009
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Editing a Report Form/Layout, How?


We use a form created by a former employee a long time ago, then add that I am new to FileMaker (but have extensive experience in dBASE).


This specific database prints the form with text at the very top-left that contains text from 2 text-fields on the form, side-by-side.


I am assuming that this is a Report Header of some sort.  My problems is I cannot find specific steps on how to edit a report from/layout, in this case the Header IF that is what it is.


I need to reduce the font size because if the left-hand field is long it overlaps the right-hand field. Reminder, this is only in the Header.


The better option is to modify the Header (if possible) to be text = [field-1]+" "+[field 2].