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    Editing a Report Form/Layout, How?



      Editing a Report Form/Layout, How?


      We use a form created by a former employee a long time ago, then add that I am new to FileMaker (but have extensive experience in dBASE).


      This specific database prints the form with text at the very top-left that contains text from 2 text-fields on the form, side-by-side.


      I am assuming that this is a Report Header of some sort.  My problems is I cannot find specific steps on how to edit a report from/layout, in this case the Header IF that is what it is.


      I need to reduce the font size because if the left-hand field is long it overlaps the right-hand field. Reminder, this is only in the Header.


      The better option is to modify the Header (if possible) to be text = [field-1]+" "+[field 2].

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          Select the layout and enter Layout mode, this may require opening the database with a password that enables you to do this. You can enter layout mode by selecting this mode from the View menu.


          The text is probably layout text that includes a pair of merge fields. In layout mode you'll probably see the field names surrounded by << >>. You can double click this object to insert the space. You can select the entire object to change it's text format.

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            First you have to have access to the layout; which it seems as if you do already.

            Second in layout mode, you can select the field that you want and then under the format menu there are the options to change the font size.

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              Thanks for the quick replies, but....


              Already figured out I would have to use Layout.


              Now I see what my problem was:

              1. There is no [Print Preview] in the Print dialog (as normal Windows apps have)
              2. In the Layout mode, the Header is NOT displayed as printed, it IS there, on the very-far top-left (as 2 very small field-blocks)
              3. I had to unlock these to change the font (had very little trouble on figuring out how)

              Again, thanks, you solved my problem :smileyhappy:


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                   You probably spotted this already, but you can preview the layout by selecting preview mode from the view menu.