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    Editing Button Text



      Editing Button Text


           I feel like a fool, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to edit button text, and I can't find any info in the user guide or on this forum on the subject. The only time I'm able to define button text is when I create it, so if I want to change it later, I have to delete the button and re-create it. Surely there's a way to edit button text AFTER the button has been created.

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               Well you don't have to delete the button to change it. You can enter layout mode, select the text tool and then click the button to edit its label text.

               If you want scripts to dynamically change a button's label, don't use the built in label text. Instead, put a transparent global field or variable (a merge variable) on top of the button and then your scripts can modify the data in the field or variable to change the button's label.