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    editing drop-down menu items



      editing drop-down menu items


      I am at a new job, using FM Pro 11 for the first time.  I have completed the FileMaker Pro 11 tutorial PDF, and am about halfway through Chapter 3 of FileMaker Pro 11 The Missing Manual

      I am working with several related databases which include a patient info database, physician database, and dentist database.  I am trying to change the system so that physician and dentist info is selected from a drop-down list on the client form rather than having to manually (and potentially erroneously) enter the info. 

      I have gone through the dentist database and deleted all records that contain duplicate and/or incorrect information.  (We had some dentists entered 3 or 4 times.)

      I established a relationship between the dentist "Full Name" field in the Dental database and the "Dental Provider" field in the Client database.  I modified the "Dental Provider" field to use a drop-down list from which the provider can be selected.

      My problem is that the drop-down list still includes all of the names of the dentists that I deleted.  I thought that the drop-down list would only include names on my updated list.  Why are these names popping up if the info has been deleted?

      Because of patient privacy issues, I cannot post any screenshots.

      Any feedback/suggestions would be a big help!


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          "database" is a very imprecise term here. SomePeople use that term to refer to a table, a file (which can have many tables) or a group of files.

          In this case, it doesn't matter. Open up Manage | Value Lists and look for your value list of dentists. I suspect that you have a custom values value list where the names are typed into the value list instead of listed from the dental table. This is something you can change quite easily by setting up a value list that uses the "use values from a field" option.

          But I sugest that you not match records in Dental to records in Patient by the dentist name. Names are neither unique nor unchanging and this will cause problems for your database. You will be much better off if you define an auto-entered serial number for each record in the dental table and then use a value list where this ID is specified as the first field and the dentist's name field ils specified for field 2. This allows you to select a dentist by name, but enter the ID number for that dentist when you make a selection from the value list.