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editing drop-down menu items

Question asked by CharlotteTressler on Jul 23, 2012
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editing drop-down menu items


I am at a new job, using FM Pro 11 for the first time.  I have completed the FileMaker Pro 11 tutorial PDF, and am about halfway through Chapter 3 of FileMaker Pro 11 The Missing Manual

I am working with several related databases which include a patient info database, physician database, and dentist database.  I am trying to change the system so that physician and dentist info is selected from a drop-down list on the client form rather than having to manually (and potentially erroneously) enter the info. 

I have gone through the dentist database and deleted all records that contain duplicate and/or incorrect information.  (We had some dentists entered 3 or 4 times.)

I established a relationship between the dentist "Full Name" field in the Dental database and the "Dental Provider" field in the Client database.  I modified the "Dental Provider" field to use a drop-down list from which the provider can be selected.

My problem is that the drop-down list still includes all of the names of the dentists that I deleted.  I thought that the drop-down list would only include names on my updated list.  Why are these names popping up if the info has been deleted?

Because of patient privacy issues, I cannot post any screenshots.

Any feedback/suggestions would be a big help!