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Editing Field that determines relationship

Question asked by JasonGideon on May 31, 2011
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Editing Field that determines relationship


I have a database with three tables. There is the master table, which is the only one that has a layout dedicated to itself. There are two other tables that are closely associated with the master table, designed to store a person's name, role for this record, and start/end times of that person's work. There are an unknown number of people associated with each

The FileMaker help website went into great detail on the benefits of portals versus repeating fields. I'd like to run statistics about how much time people spend in a given role, and the average amount of time they spend. Therefore, I think a portal would better serve my needs. []

There is one problem with using portals, though, that wouldn't be an issue with a repeating field. If I change the project name (which is unique, but can change when we resequence projects) all the records in the portal dissappear until it is changed back. Is there any way to make it to where when this field is changed in the master record, it updates all the records in the other two tables that had the old project id to reflect the new project name?

I thought about creating another field that would contain a unique ID, but project records are merged every month into another database. Once this merger is complete, the project name never changes, so it seemed safter than risking an ID number that might get out of sync between the two databases.