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editing joined field

Question asked by wcallman_1 on Aug 10, 2009
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editing joined field


The primary table is fleetmaster and the key is auto generated when a new record is created, field name is custnum. This is the primary link. Servicemaster is the linked table only for the customer basic info. The fields are all joined/linked to fleetmaster. 


I have two tables, servicemaster and fleetmaster. Fleetmaster contains all of the customer data and servicemaster contains all of the repair information for a customer. Utilizing a lookup and a drop down on customername in servicemaster joining to fleetmaster customer name, i effectively have linked and bring back all of the data I want from fleetmaster (customername, address, city,state, zip) if there is no customer I want to be able to enter this information and update the data in the table. I have tried both the portal and the conventional way of joining/linkng. When I click on new record in servicemaster, the drop down appears I click on the customer I want and the data appears, perfect. No customer I enter a customer name, no problem, but it does not update the fleetmaster file, and I cannot enter any other information (address, city, state, zip) What am I missing

Thank you for any feedback.