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    editing joined field



      editing joined field


      The primary table is fleetmaster and the key is auto generated when a new record is created, field name is custnum. This is the primary link. Servicemaster is the linked table only for the customer basic info. The fields are all joined/linked to fleetmaster. 


      I have two tables, servicemaster and fleetmaster. Fleetmaster contains all of the customer data and servicemaster contains all of the repair information for a customer. Utilizing a lookup and a drop down on customername in servicemaster joining to fleetmaster customer name, i effectively have linked and bring back all of the data I want from fleetmaster (customername, address, city,state, zip) if there is no customer I want to be able to enter this information and update the data in the table. I have tried both the portal and the conventional way of joining/linkng. When I click on new record in servicemaster, the drop down appears I click on the customer I want and the data appears, perfect. No customer I enter a customer name, no problem, but it does not update the fleetmaster file, and I cannot enter any other information (address, city, state, zip) What am I missing

      Thank you for any feedback.



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          We'll need to know more about your database and relationship between the tables to fully fgiure this out with you.


          To start, what is your primary key in service master? Do you have an auto-entered serial number for this?


          Describe the relationship between your two tables.


          "I cannot enter any other information (address, city, state, zip)"


          What layout? what's the underlying table?



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               I would think that you want a layout based on Fleetmaster, setup in Form Mode, with 1 record per customer, and a portal on that layout, based on Servicemaster.  That way, if a customer is new, you can quickly enter the information into the fields in Fleetmaster, and on the same layout, enter the details into the Servicemaster portal.  You could even then switch to a Servicemaster layout, where additional info can be entered for the service record.
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              The primary key is in Fleetmaster and is auto generated, field name is custnum. 

              I am guessing at what you want for the relationship connections. The field that

              is connected is custnum. The fields that have been joined/linked via field control

              setup etc. are customer name with drop down, address, city, state, zip. There will

              be four additional fields after I get this figured out. 


              The customer name field allows me to enter a new customer name, but none of

              the other fields do. 

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                So you have a relationship that looks like Fleetmaster::custnum = Servicemaster::custnum or something similar? Do you have "Allow creation of records via this relationship selected" for the ServiceMaster table?


                Etripoli has recommended a good basic layout design for this purpose. What layout have you designed?


                customer name, address, city, state and zip are all fields that should be part of the same table and entering this information should be no more complicated than creating a new record in that table then then typing the data into each field in turn.


                Which table are these fields are part of, and to repeat myself, how have you set up your layout?

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                  Oddly enough you work with the tools long enough and serendipty occurs along with luck. 

                  I deleted the customer name field and recreated it and everything works just fine.


                  Thanks to all that posted their ideas.