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    Editing layout  -  File Maker 6



      Editing layout  -  File Maker 6


      I am new to File Maker Pro software and work for a machine shop who has since 2000 been using Filemaker.  We have layouts that handle our accounts and inventory and when we ship orders we subtract out from the accounts and when we manufacture we add to to our inventory. My problem is that some items in the inventory list will automatically update when adding or subtracting the inventory on certain accountsfrom a different layout, how do I edit the layout to automatically update the inventory layout when adding or subtracting inventory from the account layouts or tie them together?


      I hope I am making sense.


      Thank you!

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          Chances are that modifying the layout won't fix this as the problem is more likely to be due to problems with the relationships linking your files, any scripts that get run to do the update and the data stored in the fields that are used to link the files.


          Thus, we need to know more about your database. What relationships have been defined linking your various filemaker files?

          Do you click any buttons or choose a script from the file menu to update inventory?

          If so, we need to see the script that executes when you update inventory.

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            Thank you for your quick response.  I do not click on any buttons to update, we have several accounts which are separate individual layouts or files and what I do is I edit the quantity in one or any of the account layouts and will for the most part update the inventory layout (complete list of products).... some do not automatically update the master inventory layout. Also, I noticed that I have another issue unrelated to the first ..........if I edit quantity in a layout and walk away for more than 10 seconds it will not automatically save the changes if I close the layout within 10 seconds the changes are saved, so I notice a time issue here.


            Thank you!.

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              Layouts and files are two different things. A single file can have hundreds of different layouts. I wouldn't have a separate file for each account. If that's what you have, that's likely the problem.


              When you link filemaker 6 files, you link them by file name (and possibly the file path) as well as by one field selected from each file.


              To link your inventory file to multiple account files, you'd need to define a relationship in the Inventory File for each such account file. Any calculation that then computes an inventory level would have to refer to all these related files in the same expression. Adding an account file would require both adding a relationship and also updating the calculation so that includes a reference to this new account.


              That gets extremely messy in a hurry.


              Placing all your account records in one file with a field to identify the account is a much simpler approach and adding a new account means simply adding a new record to the existing account file with a new identifier in the account field.


              Note: you really should have a whole list of files here, something like: Invoices, LineItems, Inventory, Accounts--but only one file each.

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                Thank you again Phil for the response. I have one more question where do I find the script in the file that shows me my assigned scripts for that file?



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                  I thought we didn't have any scripts involvded in this...


                  Open the file with a full access password and pull down the scripts menu. You'll see an option in there that will list all your defined scripts in the file. Be aware that your filemaker 6 system has multiple files and each file can have its own set of scripts defined in it.