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    Editing Library Starter Soultion - HELP!



      Editing Library Starter Soultion - HELP!




      I'm new to FileMaker Pro and have FIleMaker Pro 9.

      I'm using the Library Starter Solution as a template and have done quite a few changes to layout and field options etc and all that's gone fine. But I have a problem I'm not quite sure how to solve

      At the moment if you want to check a book out it checks it out from the time you check it out. BUT, what I want to do is in effect be able to reserve a book, so I can check it out in advance and know it WILL be out from a certain date rather than at the time I create the record. IS that an easy thing or should I be scared of attempting it? hehe

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           "IS that an easy thing or should I be scared of attempting it?"

          That largely depends on you. How much experience do you have working with relational databases in general and FileMaker Pro is particular?

          It can certainly be done, but requires understanding how your database file currently works before you can make the necessary changes to it.

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            Ok, erm, to be honest the question was rhetorical.

            I have absolutely NO experience of working with relational databases and Filemaker Pro. That's why I'm adjusting a template rather than starting a database from scratch.

            I can see that in the "process Check Out" script, the issue is the lines:

            Set Field [History:: Check Out Date; Get(Current Date)]

            Set Field [History:: Check Out Time; Get(Current Time)]

            I obviously can see these need to be adjusted to give you option of entering a date and time in the future, which I assume also means you'd need to create another field and place a space for it in the check out window.

            What I was sort of hoping was that some whiz would come along and tell me what adjustments I need to make to the script to make it do what I want!

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              Your analysis, as far as it goes, appears valid. You could certainly define a date field and then replace Get ( Current Date ) with a reference to that date field. The same is true for the time field.

              But without taking a great deal of time to analyze the structure and function of your database, I can't really tell whether this may keep other functions of your system from working correctly.

              I good book on FileMaker and/or watching some tutorials on FileMaker would help you get off to a better start with this task.