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    Editing Multiple Records



      Editing Multiple Records


      I'm trying to determine the best way to make a change to a found set of records. For example, i have a value list of "keywords". I search for records and I would like to add one of the keywords in my value list to each record in the found set.


      Sorta like a Bulk Edit. 


      What's the way to go about this?



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          Here's one way:


          In browse mode, select the field in question and choose Records>Replace Field Contents…

          In the dialog box you can select: Replace with "…" ; Replace with serial number … ; or Replace with calculated result: …


          The change is applied to all records of the current found set.



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            Jade is right on the money.


            There's also an option to "Replace and Find" or "Replace All".  Go easy on the "Replace All" unless you're really sure.  That button is one of the more useful, but also one of the more dangerous available to you.


            Seen more people twist their data up with that durn button...

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              I have used the Replace function before but the end result, as you put it it, "twisted" the data up. The function works straight forward with text fields and such but when it comes to fields that use Value Lists with multiple items selected it seems to get rid of all the other selections and replace it with just the one.


              Or maybe I'm not using it right

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                themactech wrote:

                Or maybe I'm not using it right

                I'm afraid so. In order to ADD a value to the existing selections, you must replace the field's contents with a calculated result =


                YourField & ¶ & "Some Value"