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    Editing original records through a portal



      Editing original records through a portal


           This is a follow-up on this question/thread: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/7e5f86bf4c

           I have a portal that displays the parent records of a child record that was created. What's weird is the portal allows the user to edit the text that is displayed, but these edits are not actually propogated anywhere. It would be good to either:

           1) not allow the user to make edits in the portal boxes; or

           2) have the edits be saved in the parent record

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               Not only is that weird, but it is impossible. If you are changing the value of a field in the portal, that change is being made to data in your table and it will not magically revert to the original value.

               1 You can prevent the user from editing the field by denying browse mode access via the behavior settings in the Inspector.

               2. I suspect that the field is not from the parent table, but from a different table such as a join table and thus, when you go look for the change made in the portal, you are not looking in the correct place. Such changes will be saved automatically unless you have deliberately set up a script trigger controlled script to automatically revert the data in some way.

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                 You were right, I thought I was referencing one thing, but was in fact referencing another.