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Editing related table records through original table and saving results to portal

Question asked by Anas on Mar 30, 2010


Editing related table records through original table and saving results to portal




i am new in Filemaker. I use Pro 10 Advanced.

I am building a medical database with two tables at the moment:

1) containing the patient's SocialHistory (age, place of birth, etc)

2) containing the records of their MedicalExamination. If one patient is examined more than once, there will be two or more medical examination records linked to his socialHistory,

so i made a relationship with the SocialHistory's unique Nr.

In the second tab of the SocialHistory layout  i have a button with a script, which is crating a new medicalExamination record. Actually it was set up to then jump to a portal in the SocialHistory layout (without skipping to the MedicalExamination record - by freezing the window)) where i could enter the symptoms for example. The idea is that when the patients comes for the second examination by running the script again i could create a new record in the MedicalExamination table, but stay in the SocialHistory layout, both having access to his past results (second row of portal).


I want to select his symptoms in the portal with checkboxes and  when he comes next time, i want to just have an overview from what he suffered last time. So I decided that the portal in my SocialHistory layout should only contain a field which would with a calculation add all his symptoms and the date of his last examination. So I made the portal smaller and above the portal I placed the checkboxes, which were actually showing the options from the related table. The problem is that each time I want to add a new record in the Medicalexamination table performing the script, i get a new one, but i cant modify it, because by modifying my related fields in the SocialHistory layout, only the patient's first medicalexamination record are modified.

Please help!

What i want is: by adding a new record in the related table (thus not going to it), to use my checkboxes related to this table (but still in the layout of the original table), so as to modify the record i added, and after that also being able to add it in the portal underneath having an overview of the previous records.


Thanks a lot, and sorry for my low-level Filemaker knowledge!