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Editing scripts

Question asked by LawnGuy on Mar 1, 2011
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Editing scripts


I am not to good with scripts yet. I want to be able to create a button on contacts layout that would create a record from a related file, from the contacts module or database. I've found a related script from a pre made template and copied it knowing that I would need to edit the script to use in my setup. But I can't edit the script any way that I can see. If I try to edit the only thing I can edit is the field but this particular script is more than a simple field. 

This is script I copied;  Set Field [Contacts::Temp Data; Contacts::Contact ID]

                              Preform Script ["Create New Service Order from Contacts" from file: "Service Orders"]

This is what I think I want, but not sure how to write it;  Set Field [Contacts::Temp Data; Contacts::Full Name]

                                                                         Preform Script ["Create new service agreement from contacts" from file "Service Agreements"]

I'm missing something here. I've done this before but only needed to adjust singular field that didn't mess with rest of script.