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    Editing Starter Solution



      Editing Starter Solution



      I have recently downloaded Filemaker Pro 11 trial version (UK) for the MAC.

      I am experiencing some problems when editing the layout of the contact manager starter solution. I have inserted a new field (fax) into the layout but I don't know how to move it and position it under the fields Phone 1 and Phone 2 ?

      I have used various resources such as the video tutorials (VTC free trial), filemaker user guide, filemaker tutorial, moved it in manage database but still cant find the answer.

      Any help would be appreciated, also is it possible to create your own template complete with the tabs for website and maps in filemaker pro 11 or do I need the advanced version?



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          Hi Ariaz

          I'm quite new to Filemaker as well but i know you can move fields and labels around quite easy.

          Whilst looking at the main contact management screen, up in the top right hand corner is a button named edit layout. Select that.

          You should then been presented with a screen of the contact management layout showing all the fields with small green magnifying glasses in.

          Simply select a field with a left mouse click or hold the shift key down and select more than one. You will then find the selected field/s have small black dots in each corner.

          Then its just a question of dragging the selected field/s with your mouse to the new position on your layout.

          For exact positioning use the position tab in the inspector toolbar

          Hope this helps