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    Editing the Snapshot link file



      Editing the Snapshot link file



      Does anyone know if the the Snapshot link can be edited to run a script?

      I notice the file uses combinations of <elements attributes> to talk to FM


      <StatusToolbar visible="False"></StatusToolbar>
      <Mode  value="browseMode"></Mode>


      So I was wondering if there's a <Script value = "StartScript" ></Script> ?


      I'm thinking that such a file could be used as a general opener file rather than create a FM opener file and still retain security.


      The problem with the Snapshot file as a general opener  file is that it includes record ids that some users may not be allowed to see as part of their access privilege.


      Anybody have any thoughts/knowledge on this one?


      Thanks for reading


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          I dont think that would affect them being able to see those records. The snap shot link is just an XML file. If the record is missing or they no longer have access to it then it just wouldnt display.

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            Thanks for you post.


            mr_vodka is correct in his assertion. The snaphot is not intended as an opener file, nor is it ideal for this purpose. It is, in laymans terms, essentially just a link to a hosted database to a specific found set of records. It is intended to make things easier when showing other users of the file specific records out of the database. For example, if there is a administrator who doesn't often use the information in the database that needs to be pointed to specific records or data sets by the user, or sharing contact records from one user's records to antoher collegue, snapshot provides that find data within the database. But it is still limited by the user's access privileges and if used to open the database all opener and trigered scripts will still apply. So users without access to those records that are part of the snapshot will not see them, or see <No access> on all fields. Note that the snapshot iteself cannot trigger any scripts. This is done solely by the database file itself as it was developed to perform them.



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