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    Efficiency Management



      Efficiency Management


      Can someone please point me in the right direction?  I'm looking for a solution that will:



      1. track date and time for events (A, B, C ... Z) by customer 
      2. calculate elapsed time between events (A to B, A to C, B to Q, E to F, A to Z...) for each customer
      3. document output values for events (A = 200, B = 3,000, Z = 6,000,000...) for each customer
      4. generate reports that will aggregate and disaggregate data from all fields
      For example...
      If I were in the pizza delivery business, I would need a solution that could track:
      • what time a customer placed an order
      • how long did it take to place the order
      • how long did it take to prepare the pizza
      • how long did it take to bake it
      • how long did it take to deliver it
      • how much time elapsed between placing the order and delivery
      • what was the pizza's temperature when it left the oven
      • what was the pizza's temperature when it was delivered
      • how much did the pizza weigh at the time of delivery
      I need a solution that can show a relation between the delivery temperature and the elapsed time from oven to customer, and a relation between the rate of temperature change and it's mass/weight.
      FYI... we don't actually deliver pizzas.  We are an ancillary medical provider that processes biological specimens. I just thought more people could relate to pizza delivery.
      We're a small company, so we would like to be able to work with something off the shelf (meaning... inexpensive).  We need a solution that will work on a Mac.  Any ideas?
      I appreciate any help you can offer.


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          Are you looking for a ready made solution or help in creating your own?

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            It would be more cost-efficient if we could find something that's ready-made.  Thanks!

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              I doubt you will find an off-the-shelf solution for something so specialized. But it doesn't sound too complex to make from scratch - at least not the parts you have bulleted (I am not sure what exactly "aggregate and disaggregate data" means). I suppose you'd want to eventually export the results into a statistics application (Filemaker has only rudimentary statistical functions).

              Will you be entering the data from notes, or do you want to track the events "live" as they happen?

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                Thanks for the reply.  We want to be able to break down and analyze the data by hour, by a range of hours, by date or by a range of dates.  The info will be input from notes rather than real-time.  If this is something that has to be created from scratch, can anyone give me an idea of what something like this would cost?  Ballpark?

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                  Can you provide an example of input and the desired result/s?

                  It would also help to know how many events a sample has, and how many samples do you expect to have in total.