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Efficiency of a find?

Question asked by grinch on Dec 29, 2009
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Efficiency of a find?


 In a script I am writing, I have a unrelated table on another layout that I need search all the records to see if a field has a value in it.  Obviously the first thing that jumps out is to preform a find request for the particular value.  However using this particular method leads to some other problems in the script.  The name of the table the find needs to be preformed in is passed to the script as a script parameter.  Unless I am missing something, I cant specify the table to preform the find request by calculation.


My next thought was just to loop through all the records and see if the field is empty.   This method solves all of my problems with the script, but I am afraid with 3000-4000 records there will be big performance issues.


Any thoughts?