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    Efficient invitations and attendance tracking (Multi Select Control?)



      Efficient invitations and attendance tracking (Multi Select Control?)


       Hello, I am new to FileMaker, but I have worked with databases before. I have several tables.


      I have two layouts that are driven by three tables each that needs some help.

      Invitations and attendance layout

      This layout is to allow a meeting planner to quickly mark off participants as invited and/or attended to an event. I have a participants table to track all potential invitees and a meetings table to track the various events.

      Intersecting these two table (Participants and Meetings) is a table called MeetingParticipants.

      The meeting table has event pertinent fields. The participants table has fields that contain an individuals personal attributes. The intersection table meetingparticipants has information like invited, attended, reimbursed, etc.

      What is the best way in FileMaker to allow a meeting planner to select a meeting, quickly checkoff or indicate that 100 people have been invited.... (by name) then later go back and indicate that 50 of them showed up? I had a hunch that some type of multi select listbox should do the trick....

      Invoices and Invoice History layout

      I believe my other layout is solvable with tabs and portals... Invoices which matches participants, meetings, meetingparticipants, and has a document history. So while I toil away trying to fix my invited/attended issue above I am also preparing a plan for the final other step that lies ahead... I appreciate any assistance.

      Thank you, Arman Barsamian


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          I'd base your invitations and attendance layout on Meetings with a portal to MeetingParticipants that includes at least a name field or two from Participants.

          Invited and Attended can be number fields formatted as check box groups with a single value check box that enters a 1 when the box is checked. you can resize the field so that the 1 is not visible, just the check box.

          Your post suggests that you want a quick way to mark groups of records as "invited" or "attended", but I can't quite picture how you want the user to identify such a block in the interface so that a block of meetingParticipents records are so marked.

          A "Mark all" script could be written that either loops through these records or that uses Replace Field Contents to mark them.

          It might be possible to set up the check box field's as a button that checks to see if a modifier key such as the Shift key is down when the field was clicked. If it's not, the script can modify just the current record's attended or invited field. If it is, it might log the current portal row in a portal. when a second click with shift key down is pressed, the script can loop through the rows and mark all the records from the first row shift clicked to the second portal row so shift clicked and this could work in either direction in your portal.