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Elapsed time calculation excluding date

Question asked by MedicInMe on Feb 18, 2013
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Elapsed time calculation excluding date




I am looking to calculate elapsed time in military format that lapses only one day. For example I send out a technician at 23:00 and they work until 02:10. This would be 3 hours and 10 minutes. 

Due to the setup and client's wants the date on the form is for when the call starts. I have set up an excel sheet that performs the function quiet well however the I can't use the same calculation. 

The excel calculation is =--TEXT(MOD(TEXT(B19,"0\:00")-TEXT(B11,"0\:00"),1),"hhmm").

     I do not want to use timestamps as times will not always be entered as things are happening. I have found some calculations that work to calculate the time elapse however the formatting is comes back as 3.1666666666667 instead of 3:10 (3 hours and 10 minutes). 


     Any help would be greatly appreciated.