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    Electronic Signature



      Electronic Signature



      My current project is meant to manage Deviation reports. The Deviation report is like a lenghty form with several sections, each to document a particular step in the Deviation Management process.

      Since it is necessary to document which user fills in which section, is it possible to implement a sort of Electronic Signature with FM?

      For example, the first part of the lengthy Deviation Report is "Deviation Identification and Submission". After this part has been complimented the deviation reporter, let's say user 1, needs to sign it electronically and send an electronic notification of the Deviation Submission to another user 2. Then, user 2 sees the Deviation Notification and fills in the Deviation Assessment section, after doing that he/she signs it electronically and sends it to the person, user 3, responsible for the next step in the Deviation Management process. 

      So by the time the Deviation report has been completed and can be closed it is necessary to be able to know which user wrote what, where and when.

      This is the reason why I think that the standard CreatedBy, ModifiedBy, CreationDate, and ModificationDate fields are not the right tool to simulate an Electronic Signature.


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          If you set up a table of related "signature" records, you can use the CreatedBY option to log the account or user name of the person logging a specific "signature". Each such step in the process can result in another such related record being created.

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            Hello Phil,

            Just to double check that I understand what you are suggesting.


            If you set up a table of related "signature" records


            I guess my People table would do it. Is it correct?


            People --< PeopleDeviation >-- Deviation


            People table









            PeopleDeviation table





            Deviation table







            you can use the CreatedBY option to log the account or user name of the person logging a specific "signature"

            As I understand it, everytime that I need an electronic signature in a particular place on the Deviation layout, I should put a CreatedBy field whose value is selected from the People table. Is this what you meant?





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              You couldn't use the People table as you will create multiple records for the same person--each logging a signature for a different deviation record.

              This should be a new table where each record documents one such signature by one person. It will, of course need to link to the Deviation table, but can also link to the People table if you want it to. You have a number of different auto-enter options you can use to automatically Log the ID of the current user when a record is created in this table.

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                Okay, I'll give it a try.